So much has changed since I last posted. The two main changes are a new job and a move to Regional NSW. In between the changes, there has been some knitting.

My latest FO is my Halloween socks.

They are Vanilla socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

Yarn: Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the Oddities colourway.

Now that I’ve dipped my toe in the water, I will leave it here for today.

Happy Sunday.

Merry Christmas

I feel incredibly lucky that the current restrictions in Sydney haven’t had a considerable impact on our Christmas day plans. Unfortunately, we were planning on travelling down to Victoria in the New Year. And as there are now border closures in place we need to be patient.

On the upside, I finished my Christmas socks and last night for my Christmas Eve cast on I started a pair of Frasier Fir socks using Wren and Ollie.

Pattern: Vanilla socks with an afterthought heel

Yarn: Must Stash Yarns – A Very Hobbit Christmas

Needle: 2.5mm

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Hand Turkey

Although I was born and raised in Australia I love the idea of Thanksgiving. Granted I most likely have a slightly romantic idea of Thanksgiving and in real life, it’s most likely to be more like Festivus with the Costanza’s and less like a hallmark movie. Regardless I think the whole idea of giving thanks is a lovely idea.

Pattern: Vanilla Sock with Fish Lips kiss Heel

Yarn : Gynx Yarn in Strong Sock

Colourway : Hand Turkey

To all those who celebrate thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful day.


There is something about Sundays that makes me want to cook. Now let’s ignore the fact that it’s going to be 35 degrees today and that it’s also salad eating season and let’s make sausage and chicken gumbo. I’m a pretty big fan of one-pot meals. And yes I realise it most likely comes down to the fact that there is less washing up. Either way, gumbo is always a hit and nothing ever gets wasted. And I take joy in knowing that I have leftovers for Monday night dinner.

Happy Sunday