So much garter stitch

I feel that I have achieved very little this week. I had such a busy week at work that I found myself wanting to just lay on the lounge once I got home. I did manage some knitting, although as I’m knitting the same two projects and reading the same book there really isn’t much to show. I’m currently reading Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz and although I’m enjoying it, it does feel like it’s taking a long time to get through.

I’m almost onto my third skein for my Journeycake Shawl. But as you can see it’s still just a lot of garter stitch.

I’m hoping for a slightly quieter week at work and a little more knitting time.

Happy Sunday.

The joy of a new project

For me it starts when I receive the notification that my parcel has been left “in a safe place”. The thrill of opening my package and smelling that yarn for the first time is pure joy.

I received a package from Yarn and Co last week, and due to the sudden desire to start spring cleaning, I am only getting around to winding my skeins tonight.

Inga who is Knitting Traditions is having a Rustic Knitalong and I’m planning on knitting Journeycake Sontag Shawl by Louise Bollano. You can find it as a free pattern on Ravelry. It’s a garter stitch triangle shaped shawl with a scalloped crochet edge. The pattern has been inspired by the Outlander series. My yarn of choice is Cascade 220 Heather in the Silver grey and Summer sky colourways. I cannot remember the last time I knit with this yarn, but I’m loving the feel of it.

I hope Monday has been kind to you.