Dreaming of Winter

Tomorrow is the start of Summer here in Australia and I’m already dreaming of Winter. With the last two days being over 39c/102f, and tomorrow’s weather forecast at 41c/105f I’m longing for those foggy mornings of Winter.

Summer in Australia feels like it lasts five months, and I absolutely loath it. I do enjoy all the fruit that summer brings, but it’s the constant need to have the A/C on just to fall asleep. And then there’s the fear of getting sunburnt while walking to my letterbox. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I do not fair well in the Australia Summer.

So as it’s currently a pleasant 23c/73f I am enjoying a bowl of stew while watching Shetland and knitting on my Journeycake Sontag shawl.
I hope Monday has been kind to you.


There is something about Sundays that makes me want to cook. Now let’s ignore the fact that it’s going to be 35 degrees today and that it’s also salad eating season and let’s make sausage and chicken gumbo. I’m a pretty big fan of one-pot meals. And yes I realise it most likely comes down to the fact that there is less washing up. Either way, gumbo is always a hit and nothing ever gets wasted. And I take joy in knowing that I have leftovers for Monday night dinner.

Happy Sunday