December 1st

December 1st marks the day when it is acceptable to watch lame romantic Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate even though it’s now officially Summer. It also starts off the advent calendar season. I didn’t take part in the fun last year. However this year I am joining in with a mini skein advent calendar by Halfbaked hand-dyed yarns. Each day I get treated to a mini skein dyed up to knit up a mini sock in self-striping yarn. I’m looking forward to having my mini sock garland hanging up on Christma morning.

Happy Christmas knitting!

Dreaming of Winter

Tomorrow is the start of Summer here in Australia and I’m already dreaming of Winter. With the last two days being over 39c/102f, and tomorrow’s weather forecast at 41c/105f I’m longing for those foggy mornings of Winter.

Summer in Australia feels like it lasts five months, and I absolutely loath it. I do enjoy all the fruit that summer brings, but it’s the constant need to have the A/C on just to fall asleep. And then there’s the fear of getting sunburnt while walking to my letterbox. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I do not fair well in the Australia Summer.

So as it’s currently a pleasant 23c/73f I am enjoying a bowl of stew while watching Shetland and knitting on my Journeycake Sontag shawl.
I hope Monday has been kind to you.

Hand Turkey

Although I was born and raised in Australia I love the idea of Thanksgiving. Granted I most likely have a slightly romantic idea of Thanksgiving and in real life, it’s most likely to be more like Festivus with the Costanza’s and less like a hallmark movie. Regardless I think the whole idea of giving thanks is a lovely idea.

Pattern: Vanilla Sock with Fish Lips kiss Heel

Yarn : Gynx Yarn in Strong Sock

Colourway : Hand Turkey

To all those who celebrate thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful day.

The joy of a new project

For me it starts when I receive the notification that my parcel has been left “in a safe place”. The thrill of opening my package and smelling that yarn for the first time is pure joy.

I received a package from Yarn and Co last week, and due to the sudden desire to start spring cleaning, I am only getting around to winding my skeins tonight.

Inga who is Knitting Traditions is having a Rustic Knitalong and I’m planning on knitting Journeycake Sontag Shawl by Louise Bollano. You can find it as a free pattern on Ravelry. It’s a garter stitch triangle shaped shawl with a scalloped crochet edge. The pattern has been inspired by the Outlander series. My yarn of choice is Cascade 220 Heather in the Silver grey and Summer sky colourways. I cannot remember the last time I knit with this yarn, but I’m loving the feel of it.

I hope Monday has been kind to you.


There is something about Sundays that makes me want to cook. Now let’s ignore the fact that it’s going to be 35 degrees today and that it’s also salad eating season and let’s make sausage and chicken gumbo. I’m a pretty big fan of one-pot meals. And yes I realise it most likely comes down to the fact that there is less washing up. Either way, gumbo is always a hit and nothing ever gets wasted. And I take joy in knowing that I have leftovers for Monday night dinner.

Happy Sunday