Knitting Bingo

My plan for 2023 is simple. Don’t just knit more. Finish more projects. I know it sounds straightforward. However, when I see a new pattern or new yarn pop up in my feed or inbox from one of my many favourite yarn shops, dyers and designers. I have an overwhelming urge that I must start that project or buy that yarn. And in my mind, that often feels like a circus. I believe I will finish that project. Until the next new pattern or yarn pops up in my feed. I’m sure you get the picture.

So my plan is Knitting Bingo. Not the type where you try a new designer or new technique. As great as that sounds. It’s about finishing the projects that I already have on the needles.

Now, just like Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me. There are rules. And exceptions.

  • I need to focus on my current wips.
  • I need to stick to the set dates for any KAL’S I’m participating in.
  • When I do cast-on for a new project, I need to shop from my stash before I purchase more yarn.
  • I am allowed a new cast-on for a gift, my birthday, and any project on my bingo card.
  • As I have signed up for Knitvent and Skeindeer Knits Nordic Mitten club, I am allowed to cast on any of these projects.

The last two points of my list seem like cheating. However, every diet is allowed a cheat day. And going cold turkey has never worked for me.

Knitting Bingo will be in four quarters of three months. If I have three months, I can focus on larger projects. That is my main goal for the first two quarters.

I will finalise my list for the first quarter in late December.

Happy Halloween!

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