Dreaming of Winter

Tomorrow is the start of Summer here in Australia and I’m already dreaming of Winter. With the last two days being over 39c/102f, and tomorrow’s weather forecast at 41c/105f I’m longing for those foggy mornings of Winter.

Summer in Australia feels like it lasts five months, and I absolutely loath it. I do enjoy all the fruit that summer brings, but it’s the constant need to have the A/C on just to fall asleep. And then there’s the fear of getting sunburnt while walking to my letterbox. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I do not fair well in the Australia Summer.

So as it’s currently a pleasant 23c/73f I am enjoying a bowl of stew while watching Shetland and knitting on my Journeycake Sontag shawl.
I hope Monday has been kind to you.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Winter

  1. So interesting to read how life (and seasons) is on another continent. Here we are in full winter mode with -13C in the morning and about 0 during the day :)) But winter for us (Bulgaria) lasts only about 3 months, I wish I lived in the North for more snow and long winter. :))

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